Inna Ovsepian Photography

A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.

— Ansel Adams

      Hello :)

My name is Inna, the founder, the heart and soul of the company and the person behind the lens. Thank you for your interest in my artwork and congratulations on celebrating another milestone of your life! I offer highly personalized services to fit your specific needs and make your photography dreams and ideas come true. My mission is to bring joy to your life with the help of my skills and talents. My philosophy is simple : I followed my dreams, crossed continents and oceans and found myself in photography to be able to change people's lives everyday and gift them memories they will cherish for years to come.

If you are looking for a passionate Philadelphia engagement and wedding photographer with a great eye for details, raw emotions, and feelings, who will travel anywhere in the world for your wedding, elopement, lifestyle, family or a portrait session, and who captures your story in the most tasteful and artistic way exactly as it unfolds, you just won. 


Random facts about Inna:


• can get lost looking at the stars, in music, in books, in travels and in nature

• will cook delicious food all day if needed; and then will eat it with the same pleasure

• plays music, sings music, creates music, in love with music

• thinks that dogs are God's miracles since that one dog (Jacka) stole her heart

• at different times of her life spoke 4 languages

•  needs to start the day with green tea and something sweet for breakfast

• lives in Chestnut Hill area and loves everything about Philadelphia

• tries to never give up and dream bigger

•  believes in power of good people, positive thoughts, creative minds, constant learning and warm hugs