What I want you to remember about your wedding

I’m a little non traditional in the scope of the wedding industry. I value moments and emotions above all else. I am fascinated with human connection. I believe that true real happiness doesn’t last more than a split second. That second is the moment of absolute, incredible, warm, fulfilling magic that can’t be repeated… My goal is to capture the day the way it felt. The way people, things and details made you feel… Parents hugging each other so tight during the ceremony, leaning forward not to miss a single word of your vows. The way you put your head on your partner when your best friends were giving speeches. A quiet kiss during a slow dance. The way you looked at each other while exchanging rings. Family’s reactions to parents dances….

A gust of wind that played with your veil and your hair. The last ray of sun when we went outside to take some photos at golden hour. All those little details that transport you right back into the moment and give you chills.

You probably hear it all the time, and it’s a little sad to acknowledge it, but your wedding day will fly really really fast. When we get together with couples to look at their photos after the wedding, we often say the same thing : “ I wanna do it again” ;) Most of the time, couples don’t remember lots of details from their day… they look at photos I captured and say “We haven’t even seen this”… The astonishing and absolutely mind blowing truth about those 24 hours is that they can’t be repeated. We only have one chance to freeze the moment and tell your story in the most candid, artistic, beautiful and honest way. So take it slow, savour moments, enjoy every minute and remember that your love and your relationship is above all else. Remember your “why”. Remember while planning your wedding, the day before and most importantly, the day of. Live this moment until the moment leaves you. For everything else,we got your back.

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