Engagement Photos | Preparing for your engagement session

So you finally took care of all the big things and now it’s time to plan your engagement session. For most clients, it’s their first time planning something like that. And it’s not like you are in front of the camera every day. We can assure you it will be fun and relaxed experience. We can give lots of helpful tips so make sure to keep reading if you want to have a perfect day with you significant other and have beautiful photos :)

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If there is one you thing you need to remember… you are more photogenic than you think! We get lots of “ oh we are so awkward in front of the camera, we surely won’t know what to do” from couples. And those couples are usually the best! Their engagement sessions are tons of fun and we end up with some of the most natural, unposed, candid images. When clients ( especially guys) tell us after the session that they had fun, we are literally in heaven! That’s what our ultimate goal is- to provide beautiful images for you while not forcing you to do anything unnatural, but enjoy each other and soak in moments spent together.


What should you wear? I like to advise clients on wardrobe. Obviously you want to look your best, and you want your outfits to compliment your photos. Try not to match, but dress in a way that your color palette would add to each other, for example, beige and navy or grey and pink. Classic black and white is always a win too. Don’t hesitate to bring more than 1 outfit if you want to try different looks, for examples one fancy or edgy and one casual and comfy. Try to stay away from super bright colors, or any loud patters ( like geometric patterns) because they are quite distracting in an image, drawing the attention away from the subjects. Also, during the photo session we will definitely move a lot, whether it’s walking around scenic location or running on the beach etc, so make sure to have change of shoes. High heels look fantastic, and we love them, but your comfort will always be our priority.


We have a million places we would recommend. But think about two of you : what do you like to do? what are your hobbies? what’s an ideal date for you? what’s that place that is super meaningful for you? It might be anything, from a cute local coffeeshop to your favorite park where you walk your dog ( by the way we highly recommend bringing your pups to your session). Maybe it’s a beach where you got engaged or a favorite ice cream place… Think outside the box! The whole reason you hired us was to capture YOUR story. If there’s a place that’s a part of your story, we want to be there with you and create art for you.

Most of all…RELAX!

The engagement session is meant for us to get to know each other, to see how you act in front of the camera and practice before the wedding as well as have some gorgeous photos for you and your families. Everything we do is to have fun and make it a pleasant day with you guys. Take a deep breath and know that the first 5-10 minutes are for warming up…after that, it’s party time. We want to capture who YOU are…so have fun! We often end up grabbing dinner or coffee after we finish the session with client. Those are our favorite nights. We can’t wait to spend the day with you.


  1. Outfit change

  2. Comfortable shoes

  3. Water

  4. Polish the ring

  5. Your great mood

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