Tips to choose your ideal wedding venue

When you are planning a wedding, choosing your venue is going to be one of the first big decisions. It sets the tone of your wedding and is not easy but if you take some time and ask yourself these questions, it will help tremendously.

First of all, when choosing on a venue, think about your and your significant other’s personality. What kind of people are you? If you enjoy being outside, love nature, consider estates, gardens or private venues that have terrace and will allow guests to mingle freely. Family farms / backyard weddings are a nice alternative since you have so much freedom to customize your event and enjoy fresh air. If you’ve always dreamt about a fairy-tale, elegant and classy wedding, ballroom might be able to bring your dream to life.

In order to determine what kind of venue you need, you also need to know (at least approximately) how many guests are expected to celebrate your wedding with you. Also, make sure you understand the difference : just because a venue can fit 150 people, doesn’t mean it’s the way to go if you sent out 150 invites : you do not want a venue at absolute maximum capacity plus it will be very, very cramped and not fun. Talk to planner, meet the venue manager and ask as many questions as you can during your tour.

Some venues are all inclusive, some are not. Keep that in mind and allocate your budget accordingly. Remember that it’s more than just how much renting the space costs. Consider your guests’ experience and comfort. Some of criteria you don’t want to overlook are : location, any restrictions venue might have (for example, definite end time), parking/ transportation.

Whichever you choose, just remember to stay true to yourself and don’t chase trends or read too many wedding magazines, they can sometimes confuse you even more. Remember that your day is all about you and your happy story. Get in touch at 267 481 4765 or email to chat about our favorite venues we’ve worked at!