The only gift your groom needs

Forget boring standard gifts, your man deserves something special. The trend that is super hooooooot right now and one thing we are currently obsessed with - boudoir! What can be better than surprising your groom with a beautiful leather or velvet photo album filled with sexy professional pictures of you? It is truly a very special and intimate gift. Not only it is hot and unexpected gift that will help him see you in a totally different light, but also an exciting, empowering confidence booster for ladies. We have worked with so many brides and they all say pretty much the same : this is amazing one of a kind experience, very intimate and vulnerable, something they’ve always dreamt of and one unforgettable journey of self- love and celebration of their beauty.

Everything we do starts with connection, so are happy to meet you and talk to you to discover all your ideas, fantasies and suggestions. We promise we will help you feel pampered and at ease.When we reveal photos, ladies tell us they can’t believe it’s them on the photos!You can look on Pinterest for a thousand images of inspiration but nothing feels like seeing your dream image come to real life. After the reveal we choose your favorite images together and decide on your album design.

Client’s words :

The images left my husband speechless.
Boudoir session is something I would have never imagined myself doing... EVER. And it was the best. I want to do it again now. I’m hooked.

Also, it’s important to remember that most ladies get into pre wedding mode which sometimes means working out regularly, or maintaining your body in tonus/ dieting. Whatever your prefer during this exciting time, your efforts, dedication, motivation and hard work is deserved to be captured and celebrated, so when’s the best time to do it if not now?

Embrace your inner goddess and get in touch with us at or by calling 267 481 4765. Let it be our little secret. Your husband- to -be will love these ;)