Glasbern Inn Wedding

July 5, 2022

Taylor + Drew

Thank you so much to your wonderful bridal party, they truly are one of the best I’ve ever seen, and your family and friends are just so so sweet! Your first look with Dad was truly very emotional, even venue staff had a tear 🙂 

Thank you for organizing such a wonderful event, and having us with you, blessing us with your warmth, grace, elegance, kindness, and such a wonderful entertainment – the band was out of this world.

I know wedding days are very emotional, and they fly by fast… hope it forever stays in your memory as the sweetest day. 

Infinitely grateful for trust, cooperation, and endless love from you. Everyone from the family members to the bridal party was thanking us profoundly, but in reality it’s us who are very grateful for clients like you, because you make our work and our art more wholesome and the process so much easier. There was zero stress on your day, which allowed for creativity to blossom. Drew’s dad approached us and thanked us, saying that he knows it’s not an easy job, and that having the right personality helps…He also mentioned that it’s all about people, and he was absolutely right. People like you are making the day magical.


Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.